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Bosbad, Vledder

The “Bosbad” in Vledder is an open-air swimming pool next door to the park. The site is very sheltered in a wooded area. The Bosbad offers two swimming pools, a paddling pool and a family pool.

Rates Adelhof pass

Day pass €2,75
Midweek/weekend pass €6,50
Week pass €10,00
2 weeks pass €14,50
Month pass €20,00
Year/season pass €32,50

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Outdoor swimming

The paddling pool has a water-shooting duckling and a sandy beach with various play facilities. There is a 10-metre long family slide at the large pool. The swimming pool is heated to 21 degrees centigrade, partly using solar power. Both pools are surrounded by a large lawn and a sandy beach, so there is plenty of space for sunbathing.

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Adelhof pass

The Adelhof pass is available at reception with several different validity periods. If you order it a few days before your planned arrival date, the pass will be ready when you arrive. To do this, you will need to email us passport photos of the card holders, their initial(s), surnames, dates of birth and your booking number beforehand. You can also do this on arrival, and we will prepare the passes for you right away. If necessary, we can make a copy of the photos in our office.

Note! The pass is not transferrable
The swimming pool is open from late April to late August/early September.